Menu - Entrees

Please choose your choice of meat:
Chicken, Beef, Pork, Tofu, Shrimp ($2.00), Combination ($3.00), Seafood ($3.00)

1. New Thai Special                                                                                              7.95
            -Fresh mixed vegetables & cashew nuts stir fried with Fried Chili Paste

2. Garlic Pepper                                                                                                    7.95
            - Stir fried fresh mixed vegetables with fresh garlic in garlic sauce

3. Pad Gra Pow                                                                                                     7.95
            -Stir Fried fresh mushrooms, onions, bamboos, bell pepper, carrots
            with Thai fresh basil leaf in garlic sauce

4. Gourmet Vegetables                                                                                          7.95
            -Fresh mixed vegetable stir fried with garlic sauce

5. Ginger Sauce                                                                                                     7.95
            -Ground fresh ginger boiled with coconut milk and curry paste served
            with stir fried fresh spinach on the bottom

6. Peanut Sauce                                                                                                    7.95
            -Served with stir fried fresh spinach on the bottom and topped with
             chopped peanuts

7. B.B.Q. Chicken (1/2 Bird)                                                                                  8.95
            -Served with Thai sweet chili sauce

8. Pad Khing                                                                                                         7.95
            -Stir Fried fresh ginger with mushrooms, bell peppers, onions, carrots
            in garlic sauce

9. Sweet & Sour                                                                                                    7.95
            -Stir fried fresh mixed vegetables with fresh pineapple in
            Thai sweet & sour sauce

10. Pad Prik Khing                                                                                                7.95
            -Fresh string bean stir fried with Prik Khing Curry Paste in
            garlic sauce

11. Pad Garlic                                                                                                       8.95
            -Choice of meat stir fried with fresh garlic & cilantro in garlic sauce

12. Sauteed Seafood                                                                                            10.95
            -Stir fried mixed vegetables in Yellow Curry and coconut milk

*All salads & entrées can be seasoned MILD, MEDIUM or HOT*